About the Publisher

Since the late 09th September 1999 existing music publishing "Grundner Edition" has been the release of chamber music and concertos of the 18th Century art with oboe.

Dr. Bernhard Grundner, born on 11 April 1967, has oboe at the Leopold Mozart Conservatory in Augsburg and studied musicology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a PhD degree. His thesis dealt with the 14 concertos for oboe by Johann Anton Adam Bachschmid, his dissertation examines "Occupation and Treatment of the Wind Instruments in the Orchestra, the Example of Mozart's Operas." Both studies are available in Herbert Utz Verlag, Munich. His experiences Bernhard Grundner collected primarily through his work as an instrumental teacher, orchestra member and lively (chamber music) concerts, and years of employment with style and additions incomplete copies of traditional works, where his interest mainly to the music of the 18th Century is with winds.